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The · Friendly · Fanfic · Writer's · Workshop

So, to get this community started --

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I've been thinking about how to organize things for this community. Hopefully, we will have some people who are willing to review, as well as people who wish to submit their writing for evaluation.

For myself as a reviewer -- I'm willing to offer general constructive criticism about pretty much any writing (except for explicit and graphic hentai including yaoi and yuri) for such elements as spelling, grammar, writing mechanics and formatting. I am capable of offering constructive criticism for characterization in a few fandoms, as well.

I think what would make the most sense is to have a format for offering a submission to be critiqued.

Things it would be helpful to know --

1) Fandom

2) What the writer wants critiqued ('please just review it for spelling/grammar/tense agreement/etc errors', 'please give me honest constructive criticism about the whole thing, including canon agreement and characterization' etc.)

3) Intended canon agreement (Is it supposed to be canon? After canon - reasonable extrapolation? Crackfic? Basically, how close to canon is the writer intending the piece to be.)

4) Exceptions ('I know So-and-So is a Mary-Sue', 'I know So-and-So is out of character' so please don't point out that aspect)

5) The writer's tolerance ('please be gentle as I'm still a new writer' up to 'go ahead and rip it to shreds -- if that's what it needs')

6) Con-crit delivery method ('Please email my con-crit to me', 'Please post your con-crit here for me to pick it up', 'Please post your con-crit here for discussion' (when there are more than one reviewers)

So, someone submitting a story would post something along the lines of --

Hi! I have a story in (fandom) that I'd like to have critiqued. [LINK, or an offer to email the story to the reviewer who accepts the con-crit task] This is intended to be a broadly humorous look at what would happen if the characters were dumped into the driving test routine in my state, so they're going to be a bit out of character. Oh, and (name) is me, so it's a Mary-Sue. I have problems keeping my verb tense consistent, and sometimes spelling errors creep in, so would someone please tackle a con-crit for me searching for these things? Thanks!

Please suggest anything that should be added to help make this community more useful (and fun). Oh, and if you are offering your services as a reviewer, please write an introduction post, too. ^_^
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On December 21st, 2006 05:34 pm (UTC), sunbune commented:
Ooo, sign me up! Now I just have to convince myself to share my current writing projects... err... is this for anime only?
eh, nevermind. I've got nothing of substance underway at the moment anyway. But I'll be delighted to hang out and offer constructive criticism con amore to those who wouldn't mind it.
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On December 21st, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC), kittyuehana replied:
No reason it has to be only anime. Writing is writing, after all!
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On December 21st, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC), kari_izumi commented:
I'd be happy to review any fanfics for grammar issues and such. I also plan to submit the third chapter of my own fic (As soon as I pay to get the data recovered from my computer that's crashed yet AGAIN for the seventh time and wiped the filed for the third time, including everything on the external drive.)
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